Weekend Trips

We offer Weekend Trips to Nzulezu, Cape Coast and Kakum National Park.

We organize a paid weekend trips to some of the best sightseeing places in Ghana such as: Weekend at Cape Coast which comes with a visit to either Cape Coast Castle or Elmina Castle (Historical Slave Castles), a trip to Kakum National Park (Canopy Walkway) and our adventurer crocodile watching and touching at Hans Cottage. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the weekend will be had at the various restaurants in Cape Coast. Saturday night we head to the famous Oasis Beach Resort for dinner which will come with some nice African drumming and dancing, some acrobatic display ending with a wonderful firework from the Fire Brothers.

Nzulezu (Village on Stilt): A fan packed weekend trip to Nzulezo also known as “The Village on Stilt” to have a feel and get to know the history, culture and the livelihood of the community who has been living of the Amanzule river for more than 500 years.


Surfing lessons will come with your package and it includes the lessons with a local surf school instructor and the rental of the board. If you are already an advanced surfer, you can skip the lessons and benefit from the board rental of the shop. Catch all the good waves after your daily volunteer activity or on the weekends.

Other Activities

If you like to get to know the area of Busua and the neighbour villages better, we can arrange some waking tours and visits of the Dixcove Fort and the fishing community.

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